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Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility

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Some of our practices include:

  • Operate Certified Sustainable vineyards and production facilities throughout California
  • Conserve water at facilities and vineyards through monitors, drip irrigation and reuse projects
  • Reduce energy consumption through conservation initiatives and clean energy use
  • Minimize waste production and impact by reusing and recycling onsite waste streams
  • Use carbon-efficient packaging and transportation
  • Support the health and wellbeing of people and communities through monetary donations and volunteerism

Environmental Stewardship

At TWG, we are proud to make a positive environmental impact and preserve our land for generations to come. We demonstrate our environmental stewardship through our certification of all TWG vineyards (covering thousands of acres) as sustainable or biodynamic. This is not only good for the land, it’s good for the future and for the wines we make.

Our sustainability practices vary per location, but include:

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Clean Energy

We demonstrate our passion for clean energy by investing in alternative energy and energy efficient lighting. Our solar fields have the capacity to generate an estimated 14 million kilowatt hours of electricity a year.


Water Conservation

With water as a precious resource, we utilize drip irrigation, solar-powered sensors, and steam cleaning practices.


Carbon Efficient Packaging

We continually look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. When it comes to packaging, we often opt for lighter-weight glass and boxes, which produce less waste and is more carbon efficient than using traditional glass bottles.


Pest Management

Animals play an important part in our vineyards. In most of our vineyards, we use owl boxes and hawk perches to encourage a self-regulating ecosystem of natural predators for vineyard prey and pests.



We strive to reduce unnecessary waste to our local landfills by recycling much of our glass, plastic, and paper from many of our facilities, including grape stems, skins, seeds.


Beneficial Gardens & Insectary

We provide plantings that attract beneficial bees and butterflies to promote pollination and attract hummingbirds and beneficial insects to control unwanted pests on our Sonoma estates.


Eco-Friendly Shipping

We ship our wine overseas in bulk via a flexible bag-filled shipping container and then bottle locally. This avoids the transport weight of over 30,000 bottles per bag, reducing our environmental impact associated with shipping.


Certified Sustainable/Biodynamic

All California vineyards owned by TWG are certified sustainable or biodynamic. We utilize some of the most eco-responsible methods available, treating our land with care for future generations.

Social Responsibility

We support charitable organizations making a difference in Health, Education, Poverty, and Civil Services.

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