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Great Wine Takes Great People

It takes a lot of talented people working together to build a company and culture where your career fulfills your aspirations and contributes to creating a positive impact on people, customers, and the planet.

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    Operations at TWG

    Operations teams bring a grape from the vineyard to a final packaged product and into the hands of our customers worldwide. This consists of Winery Operations, Warehousing & Logistics, Winemaking and Vineyards, and Laboratory and Quality Assurance, all strongly emphasizing sustainability.


    TWG’s success hinges on the operations teams, which are crucial in efficiently producing, storing, and distributing our products. These teams utilize processes, technologies, and tools to propel our evolution, optimizing daily procedures. Key functional areas include:


    Winery Operations teams steer the daily activities and strategic advancements within each production facility, overseeing operations in both the cellar and plant facilities. Roles include Winery Workers, Rackers & Blenders, Technical Operators, Utility Technicians, Maintenance Mechanics, Supervisors and Management.


    Warehousing and logistics are integral components of the supply chain, ensuring the efficient storage, handling, and transportation of wines to maintain quality, meet demand, and ultimately deliver a positive customer experience. Roles include Warehouse Workers, Shipping & Receiving Clerks, Inventory Control, Logistics Analysts, Import/Export Coordinators, Supervisors and Management.


    The vineyard teams focus on cultivating and nurturing grapevines to produce high-quality grapes, while the winemaking teams work on turning those grapes into exceptional wines through a meticulous and controlled process. Together, these functions are critical to our company’s overall success, defining our products’ character and uniqueness. Roles include Enologists, Assistant Winemakers, Winemakers, Senior Winemakers, Vineyard Crews, Vineyard Maintenance Mechanics, Test Stand Operators, Sugar Testers, Sugar Stand Operators, Supervisors and Management.


    The lab and QA teams ensure the testing, analysis, and monitoring of raw materials and final products, guaranteeing adherence to rigorous quality standards and the production of consistently exceptional wines. Roles include Lab Technicians, Quality Services teams, Methods Development Technicians, Supervisors and Management.

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    Sales at TWG

    Sales teams build relationships with our distributors, retailers, and customers focusing on Area, Division, Regional, and National sales of the TWG portfolio.


    The sales division plays a crucial role in determining the overall success and profitability of TWG as they are not only responsible for driving revenue but also for shaping our market presence, brand image, and customer relationships within the highly competitive wine industry.

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    Marketing at TWG

    Marketing encompasses brand management, innovation, digital marketing, and trade marketing. These teams create campaigns and strategies to promote TWG’s portfolio of more than 60 brands to our audience of customers and consumers.


    Our marketing team plays a pivotal role in creating, promoting, and maintaining our brands to drive sales and foster brand loyalty among our customers while also attracting new consumers.

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    Tasting Rooms at TWG

    Tasting rooms encompass various roles specializing in areas such as Direct Sales, Wine Specialists, Hospitality, Guest Services, Events, Tours, and Wine Clubs at our estate wineries- Benziger Family Estates, Imagery Estate Winery, and Concannon Vineyards located in Sonoma and Livermore.


    The specialists in our tasting rooms play a crucial role in influencing the overall success and customer experience at our estate wineries. Through exceptional hospitality, wine education, and relationship-building, they directly impact customer experience, brand perception, and sales.

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    Administrative Careers at TWG

    Administrative career areas include functions such as finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, EHSS, legal and compliance, and other areas within the company.


    These functions facilitate the organization’s smooth operation, benefiting the business, team members, and stakeholders while promoting sustained growth.

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